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Your Symptoms and Medical Evidence in the Social Security Disability Review Process

Posted on June 22, 2015

Social Security Disability Review ProcessDisability lawyers in Ohio may be able to help you if you have applied or are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits. For example, they may be able to help you understand the Social Security disability review process. You will need to understand how the Social Security Administration measures your symptoms and how medical evidence plays a part in this. Symptoms may not be able to be measured, but their effects are often observable. Pain might lead to reduced mobility, especially in the joints. Pain might also lead to muscle spasms and movement disruption. It may even lead to sensory deficits. If your medical records show these effects, they may lead credibility to your statements concerning your pain.

The Importance of an Accurate Medical Record

Your doctors and health care professionals may include important information about your symptoms in your medical records. For example, they may include the time frame your symptoms began. They may include descriptions of the locations of your symptoms, precipitating and aggravating factors, and how they affect your daily activities. They may include whether your symptoms have worsened or improved over time as well. Generally, your doctor will have obtained this information from you. The adjudicator may use this information to examine your statements. Therefore, your medical record is important in the Social Security disability review process. You will want your medical record to back up your statements all the way down to side effects from medication and indications of other impairments that could account for your symptoms.

Your Treatment History

A medical record should also demonstrate that you attempted to seek medical treatment for your symptoms. It should also demonstrate that you followed the prescribed treatment plans. Otherwise, the judge may think your symptoms would be far less severe if you did as your doctor asked. Attempts to obtain symptoms relief, such as by increasing dosages of medications, trials of different treatments and referrals to specialists are all important. Even changing your treating doctor may be an indication to the judge that your symptoms are a source of great distress to you. However, your statements may be seen as less credible if the frequency of treatment and attempts to relieve your symptoms are inconsistent with your complaints.

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