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Tip #1: How Social Security Disability Lawyers in Ohio Can Help You File

Posted on May 4, 2015

Disability Lawyers in Ohio If you have been injured and are no longer able to work, our Social Security disability lawyers in Ohio may be able to help you take that next step to file for disability. Applying for Social Security disability benefits is a long and difficult process that requires a significant amount of information and hard work. You need to show that you qualify to receive benefits. This process is difficult in and of itself and requires more than simply filling out a few pieces of paperwork. The formal application process is the place where most disability applicants falter. Formal applications are often completed incorrectly the first time, resulting in immediate denial. In order to file a successful claim, consulting a disability lawyer in Cleveland may help you ensure that you have all the necessary pieces of information. A lawyer may also be able to help you understand how the filing process works.

The Application Process

It is necessary to apply for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled. Resist the urge to wait since the process can take several months. It is also common to get denied or delayed at any stage, so the sooner you file the sooner you can appeal. You can also apply over the phone, in person, by mail or online at your own convenience. Your application must be forwarded to your local SSA field office, where it will be assessed for validity. Your Social Security benefits payment history, eligibility, employment status and marital status are all examples of the information that is verified at this stage. A state-level inspection of your applications digs deeper into your records and plays a large role in determining whether your application is accepted or whether you need to file an appeal.


It is very likely that your application for benefits will be denied during one of the earlier stages. If this happens, there is a Social Security disability appeals process you can go through that will have the government reconsider your application. If your appeal is not decided in your favor, you may need to request a hearing in front of the Administrative Law Judge. At this stage, it is highly advisable to have your own legal representation to advise you on submitting documents and dealing with the court. Appealing can be highly stressful, especially due to the hands-on nature of the process. Working with a lawyer can make the process less intimidating and help you present the right information in the most effective way possible. While the disability process is intimidating, it is designed to sort out false applications and prevent abuse of the system. This ensures that legitimate applicants are able to receive the full benefits they need without waste going towards those who do not really have a legitimate claim to disability. You can maximize your chances of success by including all of the necessary documentation in your application the first time around. The less time the SSA has to spend finding your medical records or making sense of illegible documents, the sooner they can reach a decision in your case.

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