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Testifying about Your Physical Limitations

Posted on April 11, 2016


Prior to attending your Social Security disability hearing, your Ohio Social Security disability attorney will explain to you the questions that you will be asked by the judge during the hearing. It is very important that you understand what the judge is asking and how to answer these questions.

The Main Questions You Will Be Asked

During your hearing, the following four questions will be the main questions asked by the judge about your case:

  • How long can you walk?
  • How long can you stand?
  • How long can you sit?
  • How much can you lift?

The Right Way to Answer These Questions

In many other types of cases, your attorney may tell you not to provide any additional details when answering a question. However, your Ohio Social Security disability attorney is going to tell you the exact opposite of this statement. When you speak to the judge during your disability hearing, you should talk to them as if you were talking to a friend. Explain your answers with well thought out answers. For example, if the judge asks you how long you can walk, think about the last time you walked anywhere and what happened and explain it detail. So, if you went to the grocery store and you walked to the back to purchase milk and had to stop and lean on the shopping cart for a few minutes before you could walk to the front and pay for your items, tell the judge in this exact manner. This gives the judge a real-life perspective of how the disability is impacting your everyday life. This type of answering process should be applied to each and every question that you are asked during the hearing.

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