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Testifying about Emotional Problems at Your Disability Hearing

Posted on January 4, 2016

When it comes to your ability to work and your disability claim, our Cleveland Social Security disability lawyer realizes that stress might be connected to your physical struggles. The stress of suffering from chronic pain might mean that you struggle with resulting emotional issues as well.

How Stress Affects You

The administrative law judge knows that stress affects people differently as it relates to their work performance. Although it might be difficult to talk about your struggles, the ALJ needs to hear how work and associated stress impacts you. Some of our clients fear that the ALJ might think that they are mentally imbalanced due to stress. However, the ALJ understands the struggles that you face. Our Cleveland Social Security disability lawyer can help you verbalize your feelings so that you can effectively communicate how stress has affected your ability to work.

The Complications of Stress at Work

Our clients sometimes do not know how to explain the stresses they face. The following list of work-related stressors might resonate with you:

  • The monotony of doing the same job day after day
  • Getting to work as scheduled
  • Worry about poor job performance
  • Staying at work all day
  • Struggles with decision-making skills
  • Various issues with supervisors
  • Dealing with the structure of a schedule
  • Complicated work tasks
  • Communicating and interacting with co-workers or the public
  • The pressure of deadlines or
  • Feeling rushed at work.

These issues can lead to significant emotional problems as outlined in the following section.

Emotional Issues at Work

The stress can then result in any of the following emotional struggles:

  • Depression
  • Unexplained stretches of crying
  • A short fuse
  • Isolation and avoiding social settings
  • Inability to focus
  • Struggles with memory
  • Frayed nerves or
  • Difficulty displaying the appropriate social skills with co-workers.

Contract Our Cleveland Social Security Disability Lawyer

The professionals at our law firm understand that your physical disability can be complicated by stress. In addition, they realize that testifying before the ALJ can add stress to your case. For strategies on how to testify and for further assistance, you can reach our Cleveland Social Security disability lawyer at (216) 896-0935.


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