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SSD and SSI Qualifications by a Disability Attorney in Cleveland

Gavel disability attorney in clevelandThe Social Security Administration provides several ways in which you may be able to qualify for one of their disability programs. Unfortunately, proving that you have an impairment that meets the standards for Social Security disability or Supplementary Security Income can be quite difficult. You may find it in your best interest to work with a disability attorney in Cleveland.

The Social Security Disability Listings

The Social Security Administration’s impairment manual, otherwise known as the Listings or Blue Book, contains many disabling conditions. Your disability attorney in Cleveland will tell you that while the manual is not exhaustive, if your impairment is found in the list you should qualify for Social Security Disability. Supplemental Security Income is a needs-based program, so in addition to being disabled you would need to prove that your income is below a certain level.

Equaling a Listing

If your impairment cannot be found in the listings, another way to be found eligible for disability is to take into consideration ways in which your condition equals or meets a related listing. The SSA must determine that your impairment medically equates to one in their listings. Your disability attorney in Cleveland may be able to help you decide which, if any, of the impairments found in the listings are relevant to your condition. If you do not qualify either of the above ways, the SSA will evaluate your Residual Functional Capacity (RFC). This RFC relates to your ability to perform daily activities as well as work. Should your disability be determined through this method, the SSA will analyze whether, given your disability, you are able to safely work at any job. Finally, when the other methods of determining disability are exhausted, the SSA may assess whether your impairment is medically determinable. Assuming this is the case, it will be necessary to prove that your condition has diminished your RFC to the point that you cannot perform the expected tasks of your former job or you qualify for a medical/vocational allowance.

What to Do if You Become Disabled and Need Financial Assistance

SSD and SSI were designed to meet the needs of individuals who become disabled and are not able to work for a minimum of twelve months. SSI has an additional requirement that the claimant’s income is very low.

Contact Our Disability Attorney in Cleveland

Qualifying for disability can be complicated, and you should consider working with a disability attorney in Cleveland. Call the John Paul Oreh Law Office today to arrange an initial consultation at (216) 896-0935.

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