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How Disability Benefits Are Awarded Explained By a Cuyahoga Disability Attorney

benefits from Cuyahoga disability attorneyIf you have gone through the long and tedious process of filing for Social Security disability benefits and finally received a favorable decision, you will probably be ecstatic. However, before you start receiving benefits, there are a few things your Cuyahoga disability attorney might want to discuss with you about how payments work.

When Will I Receive my Benefits?

Unlike some other forms of government benefits, Social Security disability is paid in arrears, meaning that the check you receive is meant to cover the previous month. Normally, this does really make a difference, except that you will receive your first check after you might expect. If you were awarded SSI (Supplemental Security Income), your benefits are paid on the first day of each month or the banking day before if it is a holiday or weekend. If you and your attorney applied for Social Security Disability Income, there is a mandatory five-month waiting period from the onset date of your disability before you can start receiving benefits. However, the processing time for claims is usually so long that this waiting period is over by the time benefits are awarded. Note that the payment date for SSDI is dependent on your birthday.

How Much Will I Receive in Benefits?

For SSDI, the amount of your monthly disability check is calculated from a formula based on your income level prior to your disability. For SSI, the amount of your check is dependent on your living arrangement and income. A Cuyahoga County disability attorney can explain the formulas to you in more detail.

How Will I Receive my Benefits?

If you applied for disability benefits after May 1, 2011, the only way for you to receive your monthly benefits is through direct deposit into your bank account.

How Do Back Benefits Work?

Because the processing time for new claims is so lengthy, most claimants are eligible to receive back benefits for the months while your application was processing. For SSDI, you may be eligible for back benefits of up to 12 months prior to your application date, though this depends on what the onset date of your disability is determined to be. For SSDI, the earliest date from which you can receive back benefits is the month after your application date or the onset date of your disability, whichever is later.

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