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Social Security Disability Lawyers in Ohio on What Occurs at a Disability Hearing

Posted on June 8, 2015

If you have applied for Social Security disability, there is a high probability your case has been denied. Pursuing the appeals process will ultimately lead you to a disability hearing before an administrative law judge where you have the right to be represented by a disability lawyer in Cleveland. Statistically, this is your best chance on appeal to win your case, and it is therefore important to know what to expect.

Informal Hearing

Although the hearing is conducted before an ALJ and testimony is recorded under oath, the proceeding is less formal than a court trial. In that regard, rather than a courtroom, the hearing is typically held in a small conference room.


You and your Social Security disability lawyers in Ohio will of course be present, along with the ALJ, a court reporter and medical and vocational witnesses as requested by the ALJ. You may also bring witnesses to reinforce your claim.

The Procedure

Although each ALJ has his or her own manner of conducting the hearing, typically the ALJ will ask you about your previous jobs and inquire about your impairments and how they affect your life. The ALJ may ask the medical witness to explain in greater detail any questions regarding your condition. The vocational expert may be asked about how strenuous your past jobs were or whether any jobs exist that you could currently perform in consideration of your impairments. Your disability lawyer in Cleveland may have the opportunity to cross-examine these witnesses.

Your Role

This is your only opportunity to testify and speak about your impairments; make the best of it. Dresses appropriately, act respectively and above all, tell the truth; your credibility can be persuasive. Although you should not exaggerate your symptoms, do not minimize them either; the ALJ needs to know the facts.

Contact a Social Security Disability Lawyers in Ohio for Legal Advice

If you are scheduled for a disability hearing, it is in your best interest to speak with experienced counsel. Call the John Paul Oreh Law Office for Social Security disability lawyers in Ohio at (216) 896-0935.


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