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Role of Treating Physician

Posted on March 21, 2016

The Social Security Administration and the Cuyahoga County disability lawyer who represents you generally have a number of questions for the treating physician. For example, your Cuyahoga County disability lawyer may ask the treating physician to provide specific information about the claimant or his or her impairments.Doctor Helping Patient  Ohio disability lawyer

Purpose of Getting a Treating Physician’s Opinion

The Social Security Administration believes that the treating physician can provide a vital perspective because he or she is in the best position to offer a detailed picture regarding the claimant’s impairments and the progression of these impairments through time. This individual may be able to provide a unique observation that cannot be garnered through a simple examination of medical findings or examinations that were set up by the Social Security Administration for the purpose of the applicant applying for Social Security disability benefits. According to Social Security regulations, the treating physician’s opinion is given special consideration.

Information Provided by the Treating Physician

The treating physician may be asked a variety of questions about the claimant. For example, he or she may be expected to provide information about the duration of the claimant’s impairments, the nature of impairments, their severity and opinions about the claimant’s ability to function. Additionally, the treating physician might be asked for an opinion regarding the impairments’ effects on the claimant’s ability to function while performing certain work activities and activities associated with daily life.

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