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Social Security Benefit Types Explained by an Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney

gavel balance ohio social security disability attorneyThere are four main categories of Social Security benefits that are based on a person’s earnings. These include retirement, disability, survivors benefits and dependent benefits.

Retirement Benefits

An Ohio social security disability attorney can explain the various programs under the Social Security umbrella. Individuals who were employed in covered employment for an adequate number of quarters can receive retirement benefits when they are age 62 or older. The requirement is usually for a person to have worked for ten years or more in a non-government job. An individual may elect to receive such benefits at age 62 or at any time after that. However, an Ohio social security disability attorney will tell you that a person’s benefit amount will be reduced by a certain percentage if he or she begins to claim benefits before full retirement age. Likewise, a person’s benefit amount can be permanently increased if he or she waits until age 70 to make a claim for benefits.

Disability Benefits

Another program that claimants may be eligible for is disability benefits. This program provides monetary benefits to claimants who meet the definition of being disabled under the Social Security Administration’s guidelines.

Survivor and Dependents Benefits

If an individual is disabled, his or her dependents may be eligible for their own set of benefits. The amount of benefits is based on the earning records of the disabled individuals. Additionally, minor or disabled children may be entitled to benefits if the individual is deceased. Additionally, a surviving spouse can receive benefits that are based on the individual’s earning record.

Legal Assistance from an Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney

If you have any questions about these benefit programs, contact an Ohio Social Security disability attorney from the John Paul Oreh Law Office by calling (216) 896-0935.

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