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Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses Chronic Liver Disease and Disability Eligibility

books and mouse Ohio Social Security Disability AttorneyOur Ohio Social Security disability attorney can provide you with the needed information to pursue compensation if you have a qualifying condition, such as chronic liver disease. Chronic liver disease includes a number of liver infirmities, such as hepatitis, liver cancer, alcohol-related liver disease, hereditary issues and other illnesses. Depending on the type and severity of the disease, you might be eligible for disability benefits.

Liver Disease and Qualifying for Disability Benefits

If you have suffered liver damage that is expected to last a minimum of a one year, and if your income is lower than $1,090 monthly, you might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration has a list of impairments that addresses all chronic liver diseases. Your condition must include various complications, including excessive fluid, bacteria or other disorders. If you are not sure if you meet the medical requirements for disability, talk to your doctor. However, even if you do not meet these standards, you still might be unable to work, and as such, you could qualify for disability. Our Ohio Social Security disability attorney can also answer your questions about impairments related to chronic liver disease.

Inability to Work Due to Liver Disease

The SSA reviews your residual functional capacity, also called RFC, to see if you are still able to work. For example, you might have significant physical limitations, such as needing regular rest, or being unable to sit, stand or walk for lengthy periods of time. In addition, the RFC should include any types of mental restrictions that you face due to your disability. RFC ratings are sedentary, light or medium.

An RFC and Determining Disability

If you can still work at your prior job even with limitations in your RFC, the SSA will probably deny your disability claim. However, if you cannot work, the SSA will look at other types of employment opportunities that might be available to you. Before they make a final decision, they will consider your RFC and your age, employment history and previous training or schooling. Someone with a limited employment history, limited education and over the age of 50 is more likely to qualify for disability.

Contact Our Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney

If you have concerns about a liver disease or other possible disability, speak with our attorney. The professionals at the John Paul Oreh Law Office will be glad to answer your questions. Call our Ohio Social Security disability lawyer at (216) 896-0935 for further help with your case.

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