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Understanding Meeting or Equaling a Listing with Social Security Disability Lawyers in Ohio

Posted on June 15, 2015

Social Security Disability Lawyers in OhioYour Social Security disability lawyers in Ohio will help you to understand the Listing of Impairments for Social Security disability and meeting or equaling a listing.

A Disability Lawyer in Cleveland Can Explain Meeting a Listing

For a claimant to be approved for Social Security disability benefits, he or she must meet the medical requirements specifying the condition’s severity. The requirements are detailed in the listings. A doctor will review your medical records and evaluate them. Then the evaluation will be compared to the relevant listing. In order to be deemed to have met the listing, the condition has to meet the requirements in both duration and severity. Once the condition you are suffering from meets a listing, the Social Security Administration can find you disabled. Then it will no longer be necessary to move forward with the sequential evaluation process and the remaining two steps.

Understanding Equaling a Listing

Your disability lawyer in Cleveland will also tell you that you can still be approved for disability benefits if you equal a listing. The listings are detailed and extensive, but do not have every possible condition that can stop you from working. The SSA knows this and will accept the third step of the sequential evaluation process to be satisfied if your condition is found to “equal” the listing. Your impairment will be considered equal to a listing in the following circumstances:

  1. The impairment you have does not match the necessary symptoms and medical conditions of a listing, but you are suffering from other conditions or symptoms not listed.
  2. If your impairment matches the requirements of a listing but does not achieve the necessary severity, you can be approved if you have other conditions or symptoms that are not listed.
  3. Your impairment is not included in the listings, but you have an impairment that is equal in severity to an impairment that is similar to one on the listings.
  4. You do not have one particular impairment, but are suffering from a combination. While none will meet the listings individually, when combined the impairment can be considered just as severe as one that meets the requirements.

Call Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyers in Ohio

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