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Making a Social Security Disability Claim for Anxiety-Related Conditions

Posted on April 4, 2016

If you or a loved one suffer from certain types of anxiety-related conditions, you may have a claim for social security disability. Understand, subjective medical claims such as these can prove more difficult to pursue. A qualified Cuyahoga social security disability attorney can review your claim and help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of it.

Anxiety-related Medical ConditionsStressed Man Cuyahoga social security disability attorney

Anxiety based conditions can run the gamut. An individual may suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression or post-traumatic stress. In many cases, the disorder or condition is not one that can be objectively measured. Instead, the condition is more subjective and its severity will vary from person to person. For this reason, making a successful disability claim can be challenging. The Social Security Administration looks for specific criteria when assessing any claimed disability.

Criteria Used by the Social Security Administration

Your attorney can discuss the specific statutes and lists used by the S.S.A. when evaluating a disability claim. In general, the condition or disorder must be one that is so severe that it disables the individual from work. Often, the administration requires the disorder to be present continuously for a twelve-month period and beyond. They look for evidence that symptoms are severe enough to impact social functioning, daily activities or mental concentration. In anxiety-related conditions, it may be necessary to show periods of prolonged decompensation. As such, a claimant who merely has periods of sadness or panic that do not significantly impact one of those areas will have a difficult time qualifying as disabled. If a claimant is able to function in spite of the condition, this will generally not rise to the level of a compensable disability in the eyes of the Social Security Administration.

Your attorney can assist you with preparing a claim and can advise you about what types of documentation and support you may need.

Improve your chances of a successful SSD claims-processing by hiring a skilled Cuyahoga social security disability attorney who understands what you should expect. To make an appointment for a case evaluation with the law offices of John Paul Oreh, call (216) 896-0935.

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