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How the Judge Will Determine Whether You Are Disabled

Posted on December 14, 2015

One of the key discussions a Cleveland social security disability lawyer is likely to have with you during an initial consultation will involve how an administrative law judge determines if you are disabled. In addition, a lawyer will also want to make sure you understand how a an administrative law judge, or ALJ, determines the actual extent of your disability. A number of complex factors play into the disability equation.

Impact of Medical Impairments

One of the factors an ALJ takes into consideration in determining whether you are disabled, and the extent of that disability, focuses on whether you are able to undertake any significant job you’ve held over the course of the past 15 years. If you are still able to perform the tasks associated with one of these significant positions, an ALJ is not likely to deem you disabled, at least not fully disabled.

Existence of Other Jobs

Another of the factors taken into account by an ALJ in making a disability determination is whether some other jobs exist that you are capable of doing, considering your work history, age, education, and health. If positions of this nature exist, a determination of disability is not likely. In addition, a judge may consider whether or not vocational rehabilitation or job training will render you qualified for such a position if you technically are not so qualified at the moment.

Permanent Versus Temporary Disability

An ALJ also determines whether your disability is permanent or temporary. You can be entitled to compensation and disability benefits even when an ALJ determines that a specific disability is not permanent and will exist only for a period of time. An experienced Cleveland Social Security disability lawyer works to maximize benefits in either situation.

Contact an Ohio Disability Attorney

You best protect your rights and interests when it comes to a disability claim by contacting an attorney at the John Paul Oreh Law Office. A lawyer will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your disability case at no charge and no obligation to you. Through the tenacious representation of a Cleveland Social Security disability lawyer from the firm, you are in the best position to fully protect your interests when pursuing a disability claim and when making a case before an administrative law judge.

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