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Disability Lawyers in Ohio Discuss Sitting for Extended Periods of Time

Posted on April 27, 2015

Disability Lawyers in Ohio If you are filing for disability, you may want to first schedule a consultation with your disability lawyers in Ohio. Your disability lawyers in Ohio will have the skills and experience to help you get through any complications when applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The following information provided by your disability lawyers in Ohio discusses how to respond to any questions during your disability hearing about being able to sit for any extended period of time. If you have any further questions after reviewing the information provided, it would be best to schedule a consultation with your disability attorney for assistance.

Sitting for Expended Periods of Time

If your disability claim goes to a hearing, the judge may ask you various questions about being able to work and what your disability will not allow you to do. One of the things that the judge may ask you about is sitting while working for an 8-hour day. No matter how you answer, the most important thing for the judge to know is how long you can really sit without pain during an 8-hour day. It is important that you and your disability attorney discuss how to respond to these questions so that you can give an appropriate answer to the judge at your hearing. Keep in mind that in addition to asking you about how long you are able to sit, the judge may also ask how long you are able to stand. When the judge asks you about how long you can sit for at during one period of time, you want to make sure that your answer is specific and detailed. If you can sit for an hour or two, but then need to spend the rest of the day laying down to recoup from the sitting you did, explain this to the judge. If you can facilitate between standing and sitting for a longer period of time, let the judge know that. Provide as much detail as you can. Tell the judge what happens to you and how you feel after sitting for an extended period of time. How long can you sit for before you need to stand up to stretch or walk around? Keep in mind that many jobs allow you to take breaks periodically that will allow to stand, walk around, or stretch. Let the judge know if you would need extended breaks while sitting at work.

Call Disability Lawyers in Ohio

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