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Disability Lawyers in Ohio Will Prepare You for Your Consultative Examination

Posted on September 7, 2015

gavel and law book Disability Lawyers in Ohio

Your disability lawyers in Ohio will help you understand what you should expect when you have your consultative examination.

A Consultative Examination Might Be Requested

The disability examiner or judge might want you to go through a consultative examination. Your disability lawyers in Ohio will explain that this simply means that more information must be accrued for a fair decision to be made. The Social Security Administration will schedule and pay for the exam. If your personal doctor is willing and has the required medical specialty, he or she can perform the consultative exam. However, the majority of treating doctors choose not to conduct this exam. Another properly credentialed doctor will have to give the exam. With a physical impairment, the doctor will likely ask about how it developed, your symptoms, your limitations, the medications you take to treat it and if they help. The doctor should be expected to examine the parts of your body that have been affected and conduct tests. If the impairment is mental, a psychiatrist or psychologist will examine you. Topics that will be covered will be whether or not you have the ability to follow instructions, maintain concentration, and get along with other people.

Important Points to Remember About Your Examination

It is key that you are punctual for your appointment and are courteous to the doctor. Do not argue with the doctor. Answer the questions that are asked even if they do not seem to be important. You can bring a family member or friend along with you to the examination. This can help with keeping track of the time of the exam and other facts as to how it was conducted. You must attend this examination. If you are absent without a good excuse, the evidence that is in the record will be used to decide the case. This will likely result in a denial.

Contact Experienced Disability Lawyers in Ohio

If you have questions about a consultative exam, call (216) 896-0935 to speak to disability lawyers in Ohio at the John Paul Oreh Law Office.


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