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Disability Lawyers in Ohio Help Clients Avoid Traps That Destroy a Benefit Claim

Posted on July 6, 2015

Disability Lawyers in OhioIf you have a disability and cannot work, then Social Security benefits may be your only possible source of income, which means consulting with disability lawyers in Ohio about the process is best. Those who attempt to complete all the paperwork alone often fall into the many traps that can destroy their claim. There are just far too many obstacles for the average person to handle things on their own. To help you better understand just how to navigate the Social Security benefit procedures, here are five of the most common traps that destroy a claim. Use this information to help your lawyer prepare a claim that will stand a chance of getting you the financial award needed to survive with your disability.

1. Relying on the Employees at the Social Security Administration to Work in Your Favor

People often believe that government employees have the best interests of claimants in mind at all times. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just as is true in the private sector, public employees usually have various functions and duties that compete for their attentions. The major difference between public and private employee actions is that when the government makes a mistake, there is not much you can do to ask for regress. Quite simply, the authorities have a monopoly on their industry. No competition means you have nowhere else to turn. Unlike a private enterprise, the government does not have to worry that you will take your business to the company across the street. It is imperative that, as a claimant, you check the status of your paperwork with due diligence. Send almost everything to the Social Security Administration certified/return receipt requested, for that extra level of confidence. Moreover, always verify any information imparted by a government employee with your disability lawyers in Ohio.

2. Assuming Your Claim Will Be Accepted

Clearly you have filed a claim for benefits because someone has diagnosed you with a disability. However, do not assume that the Social Security Administration will automatically accept what you tell them as fact. Unfortunately, it is true that 70 percent of all disability claims receive an initial denial. It is actually more likely that you will receive a rejection letter than an award. The government wants to know that your disability is either long-term or permanent. Denials can help the authorities identify the truly needy. Our disability lawyers in Ohio will be valuable resources for helping you provide the truthful evidence the Social Security Administration requires to present an acceptable benefit claim.

3. Misunderstanding the 12-Month Rule

As stated above, the government wants to know that you have a disability that will last for some period of time. Everyone has difficulty working, but not all have a right to receive disability benefits during these moments. You must be able to prove that your disability will most likely last for a duration of at least one year. This requirement prevents people from filing a claim when they undergo some temporary misfortune. Of course, if you will die within a year, the government will accept that fact in lieu of the mandatory twelve-month stipulation. The mistake you must not make is waiting a year to actually file the claim. Many do so. They misread the above rule and then wait a full year. Meanwhile, they suffer unnecessary financial losses. There are even those who, faced with a lack of funds, accept a job, which might be evidence that they can, in fact, still work. These people then have a tough time receiving benefits, after demonstrating their disability no longer detrimental. You can file for benefits immediately upon becoming aware that there is a disability present. There is no need to wait.

4. Believing That Hiring Legal Help is Too Expensive

Many claimants understand the need for legal advice, especially once they begin the cumbersome process of applying for disability benefits. However, they make the mistake of believing that retaining the services of experienced disability lawyers in Ohio beyond their budgets. You should not make this error. It is common for attorneys to accept disability cases on a contingency fee basis. This financial arrangement means that the lawyer will handle fees upfront, as discussed during consultation. Then, when there is a successful settlement, the lawyer receives an agreed upon percentage. It is all just that simple. This method of payment allows all, regardless of wealth, to enjoy necessary legal guidance when most needed. You should discuss fee schedules with your legal representative. Never let the fear of being unable to afford an attorney prevent you from at least making an initial contact.

5. Failing to Make Claim Information Match Medical Records

You should never be sloppy when filing a claim for disability benefits. As stated above, most claims get denied. You must work hard to make your paperwork appear as neat and transparent as possible to fall into the upper 30 percent that receives acceptance. One way to help increase the probability of being awarded, with much needed benefits, is to ensure that the information put in the claim matches your medical records. Doing so makes it easier for the reader to accept what they have before them. The last thing you want is for the administrative official to have to search for more information. With a large mountain of paperwork before them, it is more likely the decision-maker will just reject your claim and go on to the next one. You must change this likelihood by providing easy to read paperwork.

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