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Your Disability Lawyer in Cleveland Can Help with Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment

Posted on December 28, 2015

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Certain programs are set up and maintained on the federal and state level to assist individuals who are not employed any longer because of disability, loss of job, or retirement. Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance are funded differently from one other, but they all have the same purpose: to assist these groups of people. Your disability lawyer in Cleveland can help you determine whether you are eligible for a government program, and help you if your claim has been denied.

Social Security

Originally enacted in 1935, the Social Security Act of that year has been amended continuously to address the changing needs of disabled and retiring individuals. The Social Security Administration offers a number of programs, including:

• Social Security retirement
• Social Security survivors benefits
• Social Security disability insurance, or SSD
• Medicare
• Supplemental Security Income, or SSI

Your disability lawyer in Cleveland will tell you that to qualify for Social Security or Medicare programs you will need to be employed a minimum number of quarters. In addition, if you are applying for retirement benefits you will need to meet an age requirement. While in many instances you may retire early, you will not receive the full benefit that you would have had you chosen to wait.

To qualify for Social Security disability, you need to have at least six quarters, and possibly as many as 40 quarters, of coverage. With one exception, Social Security programs are funded by payments made by both the employee and employer.

How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

If you have become disabled and would like to apply for Social Security disability benefits, you may not know quite how to do so. The Social Security Administration offers three different ways for claimants to apply: by telephone, online, or in person at a local SSA office. This video explains each of these in detail. If you have further questions please contact a Disability Lawyer in Cleveland.

Supplementary Security Income

SSI is under the umbrella of the Social Security Administration, but is paid for through income taxes. This is a cash assistance program for those whose income falls well below the national average. Your disability attorney in Cleveland will help you determine whether you meet the criteria for SSI. In some cases, claimants can receive both SSI and SSD.

Unemployment Insurance

For those who are unemployed, each state administers its own unemployment program, with participation by the federal government. Each state sets its own criteria for who receives benefits, how workers qualify, how much is paid, and the maximum length of time unemployed workers can receive benefits, specified in weeks.

Unemployment insurance was not designed to permanently assist the unemployed, nor does it pay the full amount a person was earning. Instead, it provides a base amount considered sufficient for subsistence living while encouraging the worker to find another job.

Find Out if You Qualify for One of These Programs

If you have become unemployed or disabled, or need financial assistance, one of the programs mentioned may help you. Your disability lawyer in Cleveland can help you obtain benefits if you qualify. Call Attorney Oreh today to arrange a consultation at 216-896-0935.

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