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Disability Attorneys in Cuyahoga Discuss Proving Total Disability

Posted on July 27, 2015

Disability Attorneys in Cuyahoga social security formWinning a disability claim is not an easy task, especially if you are under age 50. The issue regularly comes down to the disability board refusing approval because the claimant may be capable of performing sedentary job duties. This denial basis may be generally accurate, but workers are not always in charge of their own movement at work with respect to sitting and standing when productivity is expected. However, there is an acceptable standard protocol that disability attorneys in Cuyahoga can use to reasonably prove the claimant’s disability is severe enough to warrant approval.


Documentation is very important when proving sedentary disability. Diagnosis records and doctor’s opinions can be accepted as expert testimony when filing a disability claim, and pinpointing an exact inability to move unimpeded can be the basis of the claim. Repetitive motion injury disorders can be established with medical diagnosis, especially when the disabled claimant has required surgery or intense treatment. Back, hand, and shoulder disorders are common with repetitive motion disability claims. Disability attorneys in Cuyahoga also understand that common natural medical problems such as arthritis and fibromyalgia will always make problems worse. Sitting and standing ability is generally governed by the average rule of six hours sitting and two hours standing during the course of the work day for a sedentary job. Individuals who sit for six hours per day will also be using their hands, arms, and shoulders continually during the work shift. A general lifting weight limit for sedentary jobs is regularly lifting ten pounds or less. Disability attorneys in Cuyahoga can also use records for missing work on a regular basis or having to take a leave of absence for an extended period due to a medical issue as documentation when proving a disability claim. Always remember that multiple inabilities to work can be compounded to a total disability claim. Each particular injury can be assigned a percentage of physical impact, and those multiple issue disability assessments can be added.

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Social Security only considers disability in totality, and having as much medical information as possible is a very effective method of ensuring that your claim will be won by your disability attorneys in Cuyahoga.

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