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Our Disability Attorney in Cuyahoga Discusses Functional Capacity Evaluations

Posted on October 5, 2015

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Not every doctor is familiar with the process for handling Social Security disability claims, and our disability attorneys in Cuyahoga can provide guidance for patients and medical professionals alike. One of the common questions we receive is whether or not a disability claimant should undergo a functional capacity evaluation. In most cases the answer is no because you do not need to have an evaluation to qualify for benefits.

Does the Social Security Administration Need to Know My Functional Capacity?

SSDI administrators and judges want to understand your ability to work. However, functional capacity evaluations are rarely helpful when trying to prove your claim because the exams are brief and don’t offer a comprehensive way to test your abilities. The assumption underlying most functional evaluations is based on a job requiring long hours of sedentary activity. Many jobs require sitting for extended periods of time, but many others do not. A test of functional capacity that is based on sitting for 8 hours per day would tell the administrators very little if you work in construction, agriculture, or other physically demanding jobs. Every job is different and a disability attorney in Cuyahoga can help you determine how the SSDI judge will evaluate your ability to work.

In short, functional capacity exams are neither comprehensive nor reliable predictors of ability to work. Even without an evaluation our experienced disability attorneys in Cuyahoga can help you build a case for benefits.

Do I Need to Be Treated by a Medical Specialist?

The short answer is no. Any doctor who is able to provide an opinion about your ability to work may offer their objective opinion. Your personal doctor will be the most familiar with your medical history and conditions. As such, they can provide valuable insight about your disability. If you do not have a doctor, our disability attorneys in Cuyahoga can assist with finding an appropriate health care provider.

Contact Our Disability Attorneys in Cuyahoga

Whether you are already in the midst of a disability claim or are planning to file, our disability attorneys in Cuyahoga County can help. We have years of experience helping clients with everything from the initial application through the appeals process. Call us today from John Paul Oreh Law Office at (216) 896-0935 for a case evaluation.

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