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Our Disability Attorney in Cuyahoga Discusses Child Support Affects and Benefits

Posted on April 13, 2015

doctor and patient Disability Attorney in CuyahogaChild support obligations can significantly affect your receipt of Social Security disability benefits, and it is usually advisable to contact a disability attorney in Cuyahoga who can explain your rights and responsibilities. In most cases problems will only arise when the recipient of disability benefits is behind on their child support payments and the government, or your ex-spouse, seeks to enforce the child support judgment. If you are receiving benefits from the government it is presumable that you are already struggling financially, and having your benefits garnished can cause severe financial hardship. At The John Paul Oreh Law Office we seek to protect your rights and reduce your stress as much as possible.

Our team of experienced legal professionals represents some of the finest disability attorneys in Cuyahoga and we vigorously advocate for all of our clients. We believe that one of the best ways to represent our clients is by fully educating them about what to expect as their case moves forward. In relation to child support, we commonly encounter many similar questions.

Am I still liable for child support payments if I recently became disabled?

Child support obligations are very difficult to avoid entirely. Even if you can no longer work, you still have obligations to your children and former spouse. As such, you must continue to pay in order to satisfy those obligations. However, if you have endured a substantial change in your income, you may petition the court for a modification of your child support order.

Will my disability payments be garnished?

This will depend on the type of benefits you are receiving. Social Security Disability Insurance payments can be garnished. They will not garnish all of the money, but you will be obligated to make some payments. On the other hand, recipients of Supplemental Security Income cannot have their benefits garnished. SSI benefits are only provided to claimants with very low incomes who cannot otherwise support themselves.

Can lump sum payments be garnished?

Many disability beneficiaries wait a long time to receive payment and receive a lump sum payment to make up for the back payment. A portion of your lump sum can be used to satisfy child support obligations.

If my dependents also receive disability, will those payments fulfill my child support obligations?

No. Money paid to your dependents or children by the government will not replace the support payments you are required to make. Of course, it is quite probable that you can have the child support order modified if you are disabled and unable to obtain or sustain gainful employment because of your condition. This type of situation can be quite complicated, and it is a good idea to discuss your disability claim and child support obligations with an experienced disability attorney in the Cuyahoga area.

Contact Our Disability Attorney in Cuyahoga

Whether you are filing for disability benefits for the first time or you are appealing a denial of benefits, attorney John Paul Oreh can help. He has over 25 years of experience as a disability attorney in Cuyahoga and he can answer all of your child support related questions. Call The John Paul Oreh Law Office today at (216) 896-0935 for a consultation.

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