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Understanding the Role of an Administrative Law Judge


Man writing at desk Cuyahoga Social Security Disability AttorneyIf you are scheduled for a hearing before an administrative law judge, our Cuyahoga Social Security disability attorney can provide you with much-needed support during a stressful time. While an ALJ might lean toward ruling on your behalf, you do not know what questions he or she will ask or many of the factors used in considering your claim. Your lawyer can review this information with you in order to help prepare you for the hearing.

The Authority of an ALJ

The ALJ works for the Social Security Administration and, by extension, the federal government. They make decisions about disability claims at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. Prior to the hearing, the judge will review the relevant information in your Social Security file, which might include your personal information, your work history, your medical records and why you were originally turned down for benefits. Our Cuyahoga Social Security disability attorney can submit additional information to convince the ALJ might to rule in your favor.

What to Expect at a Hearing

The hearing offers you a time to again be heard regarding the facts of your case. In addition, the ALJ might also call other witnesses, such as vocational or medical experts. An expert further analyzes and explains the information in your disability-claim file. The vocational expert might insist that you are able to obtain other employment, even if you cannot return to your former job. Our Cuyahoga Social Security disability attorneys will submit further medical evidence in order to back up your claim and your inability to work.

As with nearly every profession, some ALJs are very fair while a few might be close-minded about cases. In some respects, a decision is determined by the luck of the draw and the judge who oversees the case. However, most ALJs lean towards approvals when the applicant has a lawyer.

Call Our Cuyahoga Social Security Disability Attorney

An ALJ usually heavily weights the arguments of an experienced SSD lawyer in disability cases. The legal professionals at the John Paul Oreh Law Office look forward to working with you in order to help you secure the SSD benefits that are rightfully yours. You can reach our Cuyahoga Social Security disability lawyers at (216) 896-0935.

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