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Your Cuyahoga County Disability Attorney Can Help After Your Hearing

Posted on August 17, 2015

Cuyahoga County Disability AttorneyWhen the decision of your case arrives, it is very important to contact your Cuyahoga County disability attorney to verify that they also received the final decision. It is the intent of the Court to send out the final decision on your case to both you and your attorney, but mix-ups can occur, and your attorney may not receive the document at the same time. Your attorney needs to know about the decision of your case as soon as possible. Knowing what the decision was allows them to monitor the final decision for errors, follow through on your payments, or file for an appeal if your case was denied.

If You Lose Your Case

If the decision on your case was not in your favor, it is important to speak to your Cuyahoga County disability attorney about the net steps in your case. It is most likely that your attorney will recommend that you file an appeal. You generally have 60 days from when the decision was made on your case to file an appeal and request a rehearing.

Attorney Fees

When you first filed your case, you agreed to pay your attorney a specific amount for their services. This generally is 25 percent of your back benefits or up to $6,000 based on the regulations set forth by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA will withhold this amount from any monies that they owe you and will pay your attorney directly. However, there may be additional fees that you owe your attorney that you will need to pay out of your settlement.

Contact a Cuyahoga County Disability Attorney About Your Case Today

If you have recently become disabled, you may be entitled to receive Social Security disability benefits. Contact the John Paul Oreh Law Office today at 216.896.0935 to set an appointment for a free case evaluation. Even if you have been recently denied for disability benefits, you may be able to win your case on appeal. You do not have to face the disability benefits process alone, contact a Cuyahoga County disability attorney today.


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