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Our Cleveland Social Security Disability Lawyer Explains Losing Benefits

Posted on August 24, 2015

Cleveland Social Security Disability Lawyer gavel and stethoscopeOur Cleveland Social Security disability lawyer often receives questions about what to do if a person loses their benefits. While you will generally keep your benefits once you start receiving them, you can also lose them in different ways.

Full-Time Employment

The most obvious way to lose your benefits is by returning to work. The Social Security Administration would like to see people recover and regain full-time employment. Even if you do return to work, you can temporarily keep your health benefits through Medicare for a time until health insurance coverage starts.

Part-Time Employment

You can also lose your benefits if you work part-time. The SSA enforces specific maximum amounts of income for part-time work or up to $680 monthly. Once you have earned this amount for nine months, you will lose your benefits. However, you do not even have to work every month to lose the benefits as the months do not need to be consecutive.

Regular Medical Reviews

The SSA will ask you to attend regular medical reviews to determine your continued eligibility for Social Security. If they send you a request for a medical evaluation by a physician, you must comply. You also need to send in your current medical records as directed or risk the loss of your benefits. Our Cleveland Social Security disability lawyer can answer any questions or concerns about medical reviews.

Additional Reasons for Possible Loss of SS Income

You might also lose your Social Security income if you experience an overall increase in household earnings, move without notifying the SSA or are put in jail or in prison. However, you can reapply for benefits if you lose them. You can also file an appeal and take your case to an administrative law judge, much like the process for receiving initial benefits.

Contact Our Cleveland Social Security Disability Lawyer

The professionals at the John Paul Oreh Law Office can provide you with additional counsel on any area of your disability case and will be happy to work with you. If you have lost your benefits and have questions about possible reinstatement, contact our Cleveland Social Security disability lawyer at (216) 896-0935.

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