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Cleveland Disability Attorney Discusses Treating Doctor’s Opinion

Posted on September 14, 2015

gavel Cleveland Disability AttorneyA Cleveland disability attorney may be able to help you if you are planning on applying for disability. Attorneys may help by working with treating doctors to provide medical opinions at your hearing. The Social Security Administration, or SSA, routinely requests medical opinions from treating doctors. The opinions provide the SSA with information about your impairments.

How a Treating Doctor is Defined

The SSA defines a treating doctor as the medical professional who is most able to provide a complete, detailed, and longitudinal picture of your impairments. A treating doctor has the ability to bring his or her perspective to medical evidence and facts. This perspective may not be obtainable from the objective medical findings alone.

The Information the SSA Needs

The SSA may ask the treating doctor for information pertaining to the nature, duration, and severity of your impairments. The information includes observations and opinions on your ability to function, including the effects treatments have had and side effects from those treatments. The SSA may also want to know how long your impairments are expected to limit your abilities. The SSA may ask a treating doctor about how your impairments affect your work and daily living activities. These opinions help the SSA draw accurate conclusions about your impairments and your ability to work.

Contact a Cleveland Disability Attorney

If you have applied for disability or are considering applying in the future, contact John Paul Oreh Law Office at (216) 896-0935 for a consultation. The road to earning disability benefits can be challenging, but a lawyer may be a valuable ally as you proceed. A Cleveland disability attorney may be able to help with the claim in many ways, such as working with your treating doctor to provide the SSA with important medical opinions.

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