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Documenting Your Pain and Symptoms in a Journal

Posted on November 2, 2015

If you are disabled and need legal help, contact your Cuyahoga Social Security disability attorney to guide you through any issues. Being disabled usually means that you are living your life with constant pain. You will likely be unable to live like you used to. You will lose the ability to work, as well as the ability to do other things. Being disabled also means that you may be entitled to receive Social Security Disability payments.

The Process

In order to receive Social Security Disability payments, you will first need to apply for them. Once your paperwork has gone through, you will need to attend a Social Security disability hearing. Your Cuyahoga Social Security Disability attorney can help you through the hearing process. During the hearing you will need to tell the judge about the pain you are experiencing, the symptoms you have, and how this affects your life. The best way to have an accurate description of your pain and symptoms is to keep a journal about them.

In Your Journal

In your journal, be sure to document the symptoms you have, how often you experience those symptoms, and how they now affect your daily life. The reason you want to document your pain, suffering, and symptoms is so that you will have an accurate record for the judge. Sometimes the memory can not be relied on to remember everything that you have experienced over the course of your time with the disability. This is especially important because sometimes it may take months before you are granted a Social Security disability benefits hearing. A record of your pain will make your case stronger, and may even give insight to your doctors on how to better treat you. In your journal be sure to include what the pain is, how long it hurts, and what you do to relieve the pain.

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