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Our Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney Details Mistakes to Avoid During the ERISA Disability Benefits Application Process

Posted on February 1, 2016

If you are rendered disabled and unable to work, you may be eligible for long-term disability benefits via an employer-sponsored ERISA, or Employee Retirement Income Security Act, plan, and you should hire an Ohio Social Security disability attorney to assist you. The application process is of the utmost importance and can make or break your chances of receiving long-term disability benefits. The process is complicated and can be difficult to handle alone. A single seemingly minor mistake can render you ineligible for disability benefits, so it is crucial to get things right the first time. Disabled workers' ERISA applications are routinel … read more

Sequential Evaluation

Posted on January 25, 2016

Social Security regulations are complex even for the most seasoned Cuyahoga County disability attorney. However, your Cuyahoga County disability lawyer can explain that applying for benefits often involves a five-step sequential process. Once you are found at one of the five steps to be disabled or not disabled, the determination ends and you do not proceed to the next step. Steps of the Process The first step is to determine whether or not you are engaged in substantial gainful activity. If you are so engaged, you will not qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The second step is to determine whether you suffer from a severe, med … read more

How the Hearing Unfolds

Posted on January 18, 2016

The best way to prepare yourself for a hearing is to be educated on the procedure by an experienced Lake County Social Security lawyer. Judge's Statement on Case History and Issues to be Decided The Social Security disability hearing will typically begin with the judge reciting the “case history” of your disability claim and mentioning what issues must be resolved. Most judges will state the claimant's burden of proof in his or her case but fail to specify exactly what it is. A common explanation by the judges is that for a claimant to be found disabled for the purposes of SSD benefits, the individuals must be “unable to perform s … read more

Understanding the Basics of Social Security

Posted on January 11, 2016

Every U.S. citizen has a Social Security number, but few understand the true extent to which the SSN is used to keep track of their identity across governmental and private institutions. Although the Social Security program was originally created solely as a vehicle to provide retired workers with a safety net in their post-work life, the use of the Social Security number as a universal identifier has branched out far beyond that. A Lake County Social Security lawyer will be able to tell you more about how the Social Security system impacts your life. The original purpoose of the SSN was for workers of the Social Security Administratio … read more

Testifying about Emotional Problems at Your Disability Hearing

Posted on January 4, 2016

When it comes to your ability to work and your disability claim, our Cleveland Social Security disability lawyer realizes that stress might be connected to your physical struggles. The stress of suffering from chronic pain might mean that you struggle with resulting emotional issues as well. How Stress Affects You The administrative law judge knows that stress affects people differently as it relates to their work performance. Although it might be difficult to talk about your struggles, the ALJ needs to hear how work and associated stress impacts you. Some of our clients fear that the ALJ might think that they are mentally imbalanced du … read more

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